Fabulous And Healthy - Diary Of a Fat Chick
Hey Loves!
Thanks for taking the time out to visit my site! It truly means a lot. "Diary of a Fat Chick" is my story. My story, my journey and everything in between. This is a personal and very public view of my life, losing control and gaining back the control of my life that I lost. I know the struggles of being fat. I know all the trials, tribulations and self hate that may be encountered by going through these body changes. 
I just want to be able to help, motivate, inspire and most of all empower women young and old as they embark on their own journeys that may bring different challenges and struggles. Posted here will be recipes, motivations, challenges and much more. Losing weight is not easy, but to be honest, losing weight is more mental than it will ever be physical. Not to mention rebuilding confidence and knowing that the number on the scale does not determine your worth will ultimately be the key to success on whatever your journey may be. So stick around and lets encourage each other. Learn more about me by visiting the "About Me" section! 
                                                           Much Love from Avona. 
  I hope to see you again. Please stop by and see whats new as "Diary of a Fat Chick" will be expanding.!